About DEKL's:
DEK L's is a South Australian business primarily involved in the production of short print run decals for scale model enthusiasts.

Unique Products
My primary focus is on Australian Military Aircraft and World Aerobatic Teams, however as time goes by you will notice a diversity which will include decals for Anime, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Cars, Trucks, Armour, Ships and decals for powered scale models as well.

My unique laser printed decals are printed in reverse. When you look at the decal sheet - you are actually looking at the back of the decal. Application is similar to most waterslide decals, with one small variation - the decal is flipped just prior to application - and applied with the backing sheet facing you.  Each of my product detail descriptions contains a link to a simple instruction sheet.

Though I initially supplied 'instruction' / application sheets with my decals, I have decided to provide a JPG image online. Feel free to download and save these for your personal use (see below for my usage policy).

I appreciate and empathise with the views of fellow modellers and wish to provide a quality product in quantities or scales and of subjects that some larger enterprises either cannot or will not. I am happy to hear your suggestions, ideas and ( of course) your feedback, but please do not be offended if I don't reply quickly - as I have a full-time job and a young family so need to maintain balance (and sanity)

Custom Decals:
Have a custom design you'd like to print? Like to have a few for your club as well?? Contact me for more information.

Building a scale model for display in your local RSL or RAAFA?  As an ex-serving member you will find that I am more than happy to help you along your way with the project. If you staff your request through one of your organisation's committee members (preferably the secretary) I will consider providing limited services at no cost. 

DEKL's Graphic Usage Policy

Graphics from this site may be used WITHOUT ALTERATION for personal non commercial use. Graphics may be freely used by aerobaticteams.net, IPMS Aerobatic Teams Special Interest Group, Australian Air Force Cadets, Australian Air League, RSL and RAAFA. Graphics MAY NOT be replicated or used on any scale model review site or magazine without my express consent, in writing. 

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Featured Products

RAAF E7-A Wedgetail Noseart  in 1/72 and 1/144 Scale