We are a South Australian business primarily involved in the production of short print run decals for scale model enthusiasts.

There are three portals for the sale of DEK L's unique decals: (Clicking these links will open the page in a new window).


The new DEK L's squaresite web store. All my latest can be found here. Purchases are safe and secure using the power of Square to reach customers worldwide.   Prices here are better than my Ebay store as it is free of many of the ebay fee overheads. 

***Web Store Voucher Offers***
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Southern Sky Models

With an excellent selection of Australian aviation related modelling 'goodies' including kits, decals, aftermarket PE, resin... and more. It's everything for the Aussie modeller. Well worth a look.  Southern Sky Models also has an Ebay presence!
Ebay Store.

If you use Ebay, please use the cart function and 'request a total from the seller'. This function allows me to provide you a combined postage rate and saves a lot of time, effort and ebay messaging. 


Unique Products
My primary focus is on Australian Military Aircraft and World Aerobatic Teams.  You will notice some divergence from this which will include decals for Anime, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Cars, Trucks, Armour, Ships and even decals for powered scale models as well.

The first decals I produced in 2005 were printed using an ALPS printer. In 2005 this was considered antiquated, however at the time there were limited options for 'short print run' producers. In 2014 I began using a specialist laser printer, however this required that decals be printed 'white side up'.  In 2019 I invested in another digital laser printer which has the ability to print 'right side'. All my current decals are marketed as DEK L'S II and are printed in this way.  

I appreciate and empathise with the views of fellow modellers and wish to provide a quality product in quantities or scales and of subjects that some larger enterprises either cannot or will not. I am happy to hear your suggestions, ideas and ( of course) your feedback, but please do not be offended if I don't reply quickly - as I have a full-time job and a young family so need to maintain balance (and sanity)

Custom Decals:
The graphic design process is not as easy as many expect and as such, the 'time vs cost' calculation quickly makes 'one offs' untenable. Those with a need for specific custom decals, should try their hand with a free vector graphic program such as 'Inkscape' to create the artwork themselves and save as a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG). Raster (ie JPG or BMP) versions of artwork are unacceptable. Once artwork is created, approach me for printing cost - you will be surprised at how little it costs if you do the artwork yourself. Be aware - any artwork is submitted to me for reproduction or review, must be free of any claim of ownership. The originator immediately relinquishes right of use of that graphic design to me, for any purpose I see fit. Do not submit your design work to me, unless you agree to this. This provision allows me the ability to work on similar or related works with confidence.

Building a scale model for display in your local RSL or RAAFA? As an ex-serving member you will find that I am more than happy to help you along your way with the project. If you staff your request through one of your organisation's committee members (preferably the secretary) I will consider providing limited services at no cost. 
DEKL's Graphic Usage Policy

Graphics from this site may be used WITHOUT ALTERATION for personal non commercial use. Graphics may be freely used by aerobaticteams.net, IPMS Aerobatic Teams Special Interest Group, Australian Air Force Cadets, Australian Air League, RSL and RAAFA. Graphics MAY NOT be replicated or used on any scale model review site or magazine without my express written consent.

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