RAAF P-3C / TAP-3B / AP-3C Orion
Low-Vis Schemes
Scale 1/144    Ascua 72 Scale Cover
Product Code DL144005
Subject Aircraft P-3C/TAP-3B/AP-3C Orion
DEK L's decals are different!!

The decals are printed as a 'mirror image'. They are applied with the backing sheet facing towards you.
When you look at the printed sheet you see the back of the decal.  Darker colours tend to need to be supported with a white backgound, so 'whites' are included where appropriate.  Thes decals are printed on a single sheet of clear decal film and must be cut individually from the sheet before being applied.
Decals for P3C Orion of No 10/11 Squadron - Royal Australian Air Force

This sheet contains more than 14 different decal options

TAP-3B Orion of 292 Squadron (All Aircraft)
AP-3C Orion 11 Squadron A9-664 "That's How We Roll'
AP-3C Orion 10 Squadron A9-661 Nicky
AP-3C Orion 10 Squadron A9-656 Hollie
AP-3C Orion 10 Squadron A9-757 Fincastle 2008
AP-3C Orion 10 Squadron A9-656 Miranda *
AP-3C Orion 10/11 Squadron A9-656/759
AP-3C Orion 10 Squadron A9-755 'Lady Kingsland'*
AP-3C Orion 10 Squadron A9-759 92WG 20,000Hrs
P-3C Orion 11 Squadron A9-657 Fincastle 1997
A9-(660?) 1998 Fincastle Team ++
P-3C Orion A9-(656?) 1995 Fincastle Team ++
AP-3C Orion A9-65? Feb 2011 Chinagraphed Girl ++
AP-3C Orion MEAO 2005 A9-??? 'Jennifer' ++
AP-3C Orion Feb 2014 Corbin Donovan's 'Leafy Sea Dragon' ++

* Though 6xx serialled have historically been alolcated to 11 Squadron and 7xx to 10 Squadron, Since the late 90s aircraft may be crewed by either.

++ Serial No if these aircraft has not been able to be verified 

  Full A4 sheet including many alternative markings and detailed stencil data.
Instruction Sheets are NOT included - Please download the graphic files on this page.

DOWNLOAD - Instructions PDF
Instructions - How to Use DEKL's Decals


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